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Archives for 2005
Refuge News and Views
12/28/05    3 congressmen need to explain their hasty retreat on ANWR
12/27/05    Arctic Power regroups after another ANWR defeat
12/27/05    As We See It
12/25/05    The high stakes in ANWR ...By Bill Frist
12/24/05    Arctic refuge is safe; let's keep it that way
12/24/05    Arctic refuge saved from oil drillers
12/23/05    Battle for ANWR far from over says Murkowski
12/23/05    Arctic Decision a Victory for Traditional Conservative Principles
12/22/05    Alaskan wilderness wins drilling reprieve
12/21/05    Senate faces key Alaska oil vote
12/21/05    Senate to Vote on Defense, Arctic Drilling
12/21/05    Wildlife refuge facts
12/21/05    Senate Poised for Showdown on the Budget, Arctic Drilling
12/21/05    Big Oil's Arctic Raid
12/21/05    US Senate vote on Alaska drilling too close to call
12/21/05    Standing up to Stevens
12/21/05    Ugliness oozes out of pro-drilling ranks
12/21/05    Senate Rejects Arctic Drilling
12/21/05    Senate Roll Call on Arctic Drilling
12/20/05    House Opens Way for Oil Drilling in Artic
12/20/05    Alaska drilling's Senate crusader
12/20/05    Brighter prospects for ANWR drilling bloc
12/20/05    Cantwell vows Senate fight to stop oil drilling
12/20/05    Life and Death In the Arctic
12/20/05    Lawmakers Prepare for Showdown over Arctic Oil Drilling Provision
12/20/05    Fate of ANWR to be determined Wednesday
12/20/05    Hurricane aid part of effort to open eastern Gulf to drilling
12/20/05    A Senator's Bold Ploy on Arctic Drilling
12/19/05    US opens way for oil drilling in Arctic refuge
12/19/05    Uncertain How Much Oil in Alaska Refuge
12/19/05    US House backs oil drilling in Alaskan refuge
12/19/05    Senate takes up Alaska drilling
12/19/05    New twist to Arctic drilling deal
12/19/05    U.S. lawmakers open way Arctic oil drilling
12/19/05    Dances With Ghosts
12/19/05    Lawmakers Prepare for Showdown Over Arctic Oil Drilling Provision
12/19/05    Stevens Holds Senate in Session
12/19/05    Effort to attach drilling to defense bill meets resistance in Senate
12/19/05    Letter from John Kerry
12/18/05    ANWR face-off looms
12/16/05    ANWR or else
12/16/05    Senator Stevens Threatens Defense Spending Bill Over Arctic Drilling!
12/16/05    Drilling in ANWR
12/16/05    Congress Struggles With Spending Cuts, Oil
12/16/05    Arctic Drilling Paired With Military Spending Equals Conflict
12/15/05    Arctic Refuge drilling to be attached to defense appropriations bill
12/15/05    Democrats to fight ANWR drilling in defense bill
12/15/05    The dynamics of Arctic Refuge drilling in Congress
12/14/05    Extended Session for Congress
12/14/05    The Senator Who Cried Wolf
12/13/05    Oil drilling divide threatens GOP budget plans
12/13/05    Save Arctic Wildlife Refuge
12/13/05    Bush officials trying to win back GOP moderates on Arctic drilling
12/12/05    White House pushes Congress on Alaska drilling
12/08/05    Oil firms may pay $10 bln to drill in Alaska
12/06/05    Alaskan Refuge
12/02/05    Trio's talk will be a force of nature
11/30/05    Drilling in ANWR will hurt the environment! No it won't! Yes it ... *yawn*
11/30/05    Debate over possible ANWR profits
11/26/05    Energy conservation -- not Arctic Refuge drilling -- is answer
11/24/05    Pombo's Arctic oil drilling measure is on the table
11/21/05    Every Man's Land
11/21/05    What's next for budget bill?
11/21/05    Arctic Refuge wins battle, but not war
11/18/05    House Passes Budget Reconciliation Bill Sans Arctic and Offshore Drilling
11/18/05    U.S. House passes $49.9 billion in spending cuts
11/16/05    Some Fear a Vast Sell-Off of U.S. Land
11/14/05    House Republicans give Arctic refuge a reprieve
11/11/05    Arctic Refuge Protected -- for Now
11/10/05    House Shelves Alaska Drilling in Budget Fight
11/10/05    House drops ANWR drilling
11/10/05    U.S. House drops plans to drill in Arctic refuge
11/08/05    Let Them Freeze in the Dark
11/04/05    Oil Drilling In Refuge a Step Closer
11/04/05    Senate Passes Budget With Benefit Cuts and Oil Drilling
11/04/05    Senate OK's oil drilling in Arctic refuge
11/03/05    U.S. Senate OK's drilling in Arctic refuge
11/03/05    Senate Approves Arctic Drilling to Slake U.S. Oil Thirst
11/03/05    Oil firms face questions over the industry's record profits
11/03/05    Senate RollVote on Arctic Refuge Drilling
11/02/05    The Anwar Drilling Debate
10/29/05    Report Says Arctic Drilling Would Devastate Gwich'in Lifeways
10/27/05    ANWR leasing advances in House, Senate
10/27/05    House Panel Defeats ANWR Revenue-Sharing Proposal
10/19/05    Senate Panel OKs Oil Drilling in Arctic Refuge
10/18/05    Senate Panel to Vote on Arctic Refuge Drilling
10/13/05    Reports Detail Threats to National Wildlife Refuges
10/12/05    Federal Environment Minister Pitches for ANWR
10/03/05    Louisiana Ecological Harm Called Unprecedented
10/02/05    US: A Quest for Oil Collides With Nature in Alaska
09/28/05    Congress Poised to Gut Environmental Laws
09/27/05    Canada Lobbies U.S. To Scuttle ANWR Drilling
09/21/05    Hundreds protest drilling in arctic refuge
09/13/05    Arctic Folly
09/13/05    GOP Group Rebukes Party Leaders for Post-Katrina Drilling Push
09/09/05    Senate panel delays vote on Alaska oil drilling
08/30/05    Arctic Oil - How much oil is anybody's guess
08/28/05    The Last Refuge
08/24/05    PM vows to fight for Arctic refuge
08/22/05    House Emerges as Battleground over Drilling
08/08/05    Bush Signs Massive Energy Bill Into Law
08/08/05    Fight Over Alaska Oil Drilling Continues
07/29/05    Congress Passes Far-Reaching Energy Bill
07/28/05    TruthOut: Kill the Bill
07/28/05    Energy Shortage
07/28/05    E.P.A. Holds Back Report on Car Fuel Efficiency
07/13/05    Activists launch campaign against ExxonMobil
06/28/05    Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Energy Bill
06/16/05    Oil rigs thirsting for Fla. waters
06/16/05    Emissions Regulations Could Stall Energy Bill
06/15/05    Bill could drop Alaska drilling
06/08/05    Revealed: how oil giant influenced Bush
04/28/05    GOP Leaders Reach Tentative Deal on Budget
04/25/05    New Wave of Oil Drilling
04/24/05    Alaska town split over drilling in Arctic refuge
04/22/05    House Passes Energy Bill; Conflict with Senate Likely over Gas Additive, Alaska Refuge
04/21/05    House Approves Broad Energy Bill
04/19/05    Where would ANWR oil go?
03/30/05    Leaking on North Slope: Accident reveals threat to Arctic refuge
03/20/05    Anti-drilling film sparks debate
03/18/05    The Money Behind the Debate Over Drilling in ANWR
03/17/05    U.S. Senate opens Alaska's Arctic refuge for drilling
03/15/05    Strong Support for Protecting Arctic Refuge With Congress Poised to Vote as Early as Today
03/15/05    Showdown Vote Approaches on Arctic Drilling
03/12/05    Real energy solutions trump additional drilling
03/11/05    Fight to Protect the Arctic Refuge Reaches Critical Point Refuge Faces Most Dire Threat in Decades
03/11/05    Officials continue campaign of misinformation
03/10/05    GOP Renews Drive to Drill in Arctic Wildlife Refuge
03/02/05    Senate showdown looms over wildlife refuge
02/17/05    Group Seeks Protection for Polar Bears
02/01/05    A Sneaky Bid for Arctic Oil
01/31/05    House Panel to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling
01/23/05    Arctic wildlife refuge not out of the woods
01/21/05    U.S. OKs expanded oil drilling in Alaska
01/16/05    Bush’s Choice for Energy Secretary Was One of Texas’ Top Five Worst Polluters
01/16/05    Young refiles ANWR bill
01/13/05    Alaska drilling opponents to visit
01/13/05    Canadian Researcher Invents New Solar Cell
01/11/05    On PBS, WSJ's Strassel exaggerated significance of potential ANWR oil production
01/09/05    Automakers Put Hydrogen Power On the Fast Track
01/05/05    ANWR top priority for energy chief
01/05/05    ConocoPhillips deals ANWR drilling a blow

News Releases
11/06/05    Pacifica Peace People presents a showing of the film
10/19/05    Arctic Refuge drilling: Down the rabbit hole
10/19/05    Senate Committee Approves ANWR Leasing
10/04/05    In The Wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
09/22/05    Alaska Conservation Foundationn Awards Oil On Ice Conservation Achievement Award
06/28/05    Lightyear Releases Award Winning Documentary Oil on Ice
04/13/05    Earth Day marks festival screenings, television broadcasts and new awards for Arctic Refuge documentary
03/10/05    Award-Winning Documentary Oil on Ice Used in Surge of Nationwide Grassroots Efforts To Protect The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
02/03/05    Oil on Ice Documentary to Air on Public Television Stations

12/23/05    Best films of 2005

11/11/05    World View

11/09/05    Film takes on controversial Arctic refuge oil-drilling plan

11/02/05    House GOP leaders meet resistance on budget bill

10/19/05    UN Film Festival Opens Tonight

09/25/05    Gwich'in elder battles drilling in homeland

09/06/05    Three Stars (Reel.com)

08/11/05    Confessions of a Video Store Burnout

07/16/05    NPR's Living on Earth: Green Screen


05/30/05    'Oil on Ice' in Gristmill

02/02/05    Oil on Ice Review (DVD Talk)

01/05/05    'Oil on Ice' warns of Alaskan danger

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