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Recent Oil on Ice News Releases
04/30/08    'ANWR, nukes, more ethanol, new technology, blah, blah, blah'
04/11/08    The Edge of Extinction
04/09/08    Government seeks comment on possible Bering Sea drilling
03/15/08    Senators adopt new strategy for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
03/11/08    Arctic Oil & Gas Creates Environmental Advisory Board for Arctic Commons Prospect

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Recent Refuge News and Views
09/09/08    Sarah Palin: A Big Boon for Big Oil
09/09/08    Will Palin Change the Game on ANWR?
07/19/08    Reasons to Oppose Drilling in ANWR Found in Alaska’s North Slope
07/17/08    ANWR Front and Center
07/17/08    7 congressional candidates visit Arctic Refuge

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Recent Oil on Ice Reviews/Articles
10/27/08    Sen. Ted Stevens found guilty in corruption case
09/16/08    House OKs bill allowing more offshore oil drilling
04/19/07    How can ordinary people convince corporations to behave more responsibly toward the environment?
02/05/07    Global warming: the final warning
08/16/06    New Alaska Oil Leases Being Offered

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"Moving, lucid and aptly told, Oil on Ice
is quite simply the best documentary
to date on the [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge] issue."

-Art Goodtimes The Telluride Watch



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