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Archives for 2007
Refuge News and Views
12/29/07    In U.S. presidential race, a glut of oil promises
12/28/07    Judge sides with state in Point Thomson lease dispute
12/23/07    Road To White House: Where They Stand
12/20/07    Bush signs bill to increase fuel efficiency
12/18/07    Keep it in the ground
12/05/07    ANWR won't solve oil woes
12/04/07    Suit filed to stop drilling in refuge
12/04/07    Environmentalists worried about oil drilling in Alaska
12/04/07    Oil tensions for natives in Alaska
12/04/07    In Alaska’s Far North, Two Cultures Collide
12/03/07    Calculating Energy Bill’s Real Figures
11/27/07    Candidates Offer Different Views on Energy Policy
11/23/07    Global warming: Where the Republican candidates stand
11/18/07    THE EXPLORERS 2007: Alaska gets $2 million from lease sales
11/16/07    Scientists Fault Climate Exhibit Changes
11/13/07    Leading 2008 US presidential candidates on energy
11/08/07    Joe Biden: Biden Lauds Introduction of Legislation to Preserve Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
11/08/07    Alaskans fight ANWR wilderness designation
11/08/07    Pricey gas? Drive less
11/07/07    ANWR legislation back in Congress
11/07/07    Lieberman Leads Opposition to Drilling in ANWR
11/06/07    Patagonia's T-Shirt Campaign: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
10/25/07    Conservationists Join to Protect Alaska, Arctic against Oil, Gas Drilling
10/24/07    Bidding modest for Alaska North Slope lease sales
10/15/07    Where the '08 contenders stand on global warming
10/10/07    Pipeline Through Paradise: Big Oil's Plan to Tap the Arctic
10/04/07    Corrosion issue resurfaces in Palin's tax bill
09/25/07    Cantwell works to erase Craig folly
09/25/07    Sierra Club Announces 2007 National Awards- Al Gore, Thomas Friedman, and Fabian Nunez among this year's recipients
09/08/07    Polar Bear Population Seen Declining
09/06/07    Thompson on the Issues
09/04/07    Loss of Arctic ice leaves experts stunned
09/04/07    Larry Craig's environmental legacy was dismal, but his successor's might be better
08/29/07    Biden on the Issues
08/16/07    Court further delays Alaska offshore drilling
08/01/07    Corruption Probe Dogs Alaska
07/23/07    Polar bears block Arctic oil drilling
07/21/07    Shell ordered to suspend Arctic drilling
07/17/07    Alaska's ANWR: Shorebird mecca
07/15/07    Whalers trying to harpoon Shell permits
07/12/07    Oil Giant Coming to a Town Near You
07/10/07    The Coming Conflict in the Arctic
07/09/07    BLM Gets OK for New North Slope Drilling
07/07/07    Royal Dutch/Shell to start development of Arctic Ocean shelf
07/06/07    Worker Safety Concerns at BP Facility
07/05/07    Erosion of Alaska's north coast speeding up
07/02/07    Bush-Cheney Offshore Oil Plan Will Destroy Polar Bear and Whale Habitat
06/28/07    Study Sees Climate Change Impact on Alaska
06/22/07    Energy, Smog, 9/11, Snowmobiles, and Fish
06/21/07    President Bush Discusses Energy Initiatives in Athens, Alabama
06/03/07    Walberg considers Great Lakes drilling as option
05/29/07    Palin stops pro-drilling public relations campaigns
05/21/07    Smithsonian toned down exhibit on climate change in the Arctic; political concerns suspected
05/18/07    The Energy Conundrum
05/14/07    U.S. drops oil development plan for remote Alaska
04/26/07    Activists work to preserve Alaska
04/25/07    Poll: Global Warming Worries Grow
04/19/07    More oil leases sold off Alaska's Arctic coast
04/18/07    Arctic Ocean Oil Drilling Challenged
04/16/07    Conventional Wisdom Regarding Oil Origins May Be Wrong
04/16/07    Texas Chainsaw Management
04/15/07    U.S. reviews candidates for U.N. World Heritage Sites
04/12/07    Newsweek: Global Warming Not So Bad?
04/05/07    Poll: Majority Would Restrict Greenhouse Gas Emissions
04/01/07    Bristol Bay up for grabs
03/24/07    Open ANWR for Alaskans
03/12/07    New refuge status would limit developers
03/08/07    Bow Valley Energy Ltd. announces acquisition of mineral rights on the North Slope of Alaska
03/06/07    Should ANWR become a part of the nation's strategic reserves?
03/05/07    What the Public Really Wants on Energy and the Environment
03/03/07    Alaska Natives Disapprove Shell Oil's Beaufort Sea Oil and Gas Exploration Plan
03/01/07    Earthjustice, Alaska Natives protest drilling plans in Beaufort Sea
02/25/07    Stevens proposes ANWR as part of nation's petroleum reserve
02/25/07    Odds against ANWR reserve
02/24/07    BP Alaska Still Risks Environmental Disaster
02/23/07    Battle lines ahead of offshore Arctic drilling
02/22/07    ANWR deputy named
02/21/07    Make ANWR our oil reserve
02/21/07    BP finds pipe corrosion at its newest Alaska field
02/13/07    Religious Environmentalism
02/12/07    Shell plans wells for Beaufort Sea
02/12/07    How to Get Wall Street to Hug a Tree
02/06/07    ANWR funds again in federal budget
02/06/07    Bush Budget Slashes Environment, Funds Nuclear Development
02/05/07    Bush Outlines '09 Arctic Refuge Oil, Gas Lease In '08 Budget
02/05/07    Shell hires Bush's environmental adviser
02/05/07    When Bush comes to budget
02/01/07    New study shows Exxon Valdez oil persists off Alaska coast
02/01/07    Shell proposes 18 wells
01/28/07    Chevron moving forward in inlet, on North Slope
01/24/07    President Bush Proposes New Energy Initiatives
01/24/07    Delegation: Energy plan ties ANWR, fuel efficiency
01/24/07    State of the Union: Bush Offers Warmed-Over Proposals that Fail to Cut Oil Dependence and Global Warming
01/24/07    Bush Goes Green?
01/16/07    The 110th Congress—Democrats and Energy Security
01/16/07    Bush May Get Democrats' Help to Meet Energy-Independence Goal
01/12/07    Vitter amendment on campaign financing again confronts tribes
01/09/07    Bush Lifts Alaska Oil, Gas Drilling Ban
01/09/07    President Bush Screws Fishermen Of Bristol Bay, Alaska
01/06/07    US Congress to vote on Alaska drilling ban
01/05/07    Democrats push for Alaska drilling ban
01/03/07    ExxonMobil cultivates global warming doubt -report
01/02/07    Bush tipped to talk tough on energy but snub Kyoto

News Releases
12/28/07    The Republican Primaries: At A Glance
05/06/07    Don't Drill for Oil in Alaska, Say Americans
01/09/07    Interior Department raises oil and gas royalties

04/19/07    How can ordinary people convince corporations to behave more responsibly toward the environment?

02/05/07    Global warming: the final warning

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