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Archives for 2006
Refuge News and Views
12/30/06    ExxonMobil turns to court to hold on to Alaska leases
12/28/06    DNR says no to Exxon
12/06/06    Survey says energy policy flawed
11/30/06    Exxon CEO says evaluating next move in Alaska
11/27/06    ANWR drilling likely a nonissue
11/27/06    Stevens discusses future of ANWR
11/22/06    Big Win for Enviros
11/19/06    Environmentalists temper hopes in Congress
11/17/06    A Capitol Idea
11/17/06    Warming likely to get a real look on the Hill
11/16/06    Polar Bear Survival Rate Falls as Climate Warms
11/16/06    Environment a Victor in Midterm Elections
11/15/06    Energy For Change
11/13/06    Don’t Force an Energy Bill
11/13/06    Pictures of Arctic are hard to argue with
11/10/06    The Election and the Environment
11/09/06    ANWR drilling no longer a priority: chief
11/09/06    Pombo's loss elates environmental movement
11/09/06    Environmental groups savor Pombo's defeat as sign of new power
11/08/06    Environmentalists put down `Western rebellion'
11/03/06    How the Elections Will Affect Defense, Healthcare, and More
11/02/06    Bush Names Exxon Chief to Chart America’s Energy Future
11/01/06    Energy study downgrades Arctic bounty
11/01/06    Energy study downgrades Arctic bounty
10/31/06    Budgets Falling in Race to Fight Global Warming
10/31/06    Warming forecast: economic disaster British study says failure to act could cost 20% of world income
10/28/06    Polar bears' hearing put to the test
10/26/06    Listening to Winged Wildlife in the Arctic Refuge
10/20/06    Greens can smell victory in the fall air
10/20/06    Inside the Endangered Arctic Refuge - Review
10/19/06    More energy policy gridlock seen in next Congress
10/19/06    Curing the World's Oil Addiction
10/17/06    New EPA Fuel Economy Guide Shows the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
10/06/06    The Politics of Energy
09/29/06    Gas Prices Aren't Cheap, They're Volatile
09/27/06    Oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve is it really going to help?
09/25/06    Federal Court Decision Protects Alaskan Lake, Wetlands From Oil Drilling
09/17/06    U.S. Says Plan to Expand Alaska Oil Drilling Should Proceed
09/14/06    Even in Winter, Arctic Ice is Melting
09/13/06    BP's Alaska Problems Could Hamper Effort to Open Artic Refuge
09/12/06    Another Piece of Alaska Goes on Sale
09/09/06    Court ruling blocks Alaska oil lease sale
09/07/06    U.S. Colleges to Buy Green Power in MTV Competition
09/07/06    Probed oil firm linked to Pombo
09/01/06    Interior secretary travels to ANWR to promote oil drilling
08/24/06    Alaska's clear air may have dark cloud
08/20/06    New rules on pipelines
08/19/06    BP woes fuel wildlife refuge row
08/14/06    Economics 101: Demand Is the Demon
08/10/06    Scarcity, Mother of Invention
08/10/06    BP's Neglect of North Slope Pipeline Led to Disaster
08/09/06    Lessons From Prudhoe Bay
08/09/06    Americans Reject Alaska Refuge Oil Drilling
08/09/06    BP Alaska woes impact Congress & ANWR
08/08/06    Drilling isn't the answer
08/08/06    BP pipeline woes 'preventable,' environmentalists say
08/08/06    World must race to develop green energy, urges Rees
08/07/06    Youth Give Bush Poor Grade, Hurting Republican Hopes, Poll Says
07/31/06    Senate to vote on allowing offshore drilling
07/31/06    New ANWR proposal would fund alternative fuel programs
07/31/06    ANWR Drilling Royalties to Fund Renewable Energy?
07/29/06    Cardoza measure might open ANWR
07/29/06    Latest deal would link drilling for Arctic oil to solar, ethanol
07/23/06    The ANWR Opinion Machine
07/23/06    Proposal expands oil, gas drilling
07/23/06    More oil drilling isn't the answer
07/22/06    Senate Bill Would Open Gas and Oil Fields in Gulf
07/21/06    The Pinnacles and the 1906 Antiquities Act
07/16/06    Jonathon Solomon, 74; Native American Leader Fought Arctic Drilling
06/29/06    House votes to end offshore drilling ban
06/28/06    Bare-knuckles Alaska senator hulks over Washington state politics
06/22/06    More energy misinformation from ex-Gov. du Pont
06/05/06    Gov urges feds to boost mileage standards
05/29/06    Would drilling more Alaskan oil cut prices?
05/28/06    Congress votes to drill Arctic refuge
05/26/06    Senate likely to kill Alaskan Arctic drilling bill
05/25/06    House votes for oil drilling in Alaska refuge
05/25/06    President Applauds House Vote Approving Energy Exploration in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
05/25/06    Pro-ANWR vote in House mostly for show
05/25/06    The fuels of tomorrow
05/24/06    Clinton Lays Out Energy Plan
05/23/06    Lawsuit, Website Take on Bush Administration over CAFE
05/18/06    Democrats Offer Plan to Cut U.S. Oil Import Reliance
05/15/06    Quick Look at Upcoming Congressional Action
05/11/06    More Hot Air Over the Arctic
05/09/06    Focus on cars, not gas type
05/09/06    Wash. Times joined chorus of ANWR misinformers
05/08/06    21st-century Energy: Pump pandering
05/07/06    For Sound Energy Policy, Don't Look to Congress
05/06/06    Hands off ANWR
05/05/06    $100 Rebate: Rise and Fall of G.O.P. Idea
05/04/06    The Fix for High Gas Prices That Congress Won't Touch
05/04/06    Gas prices undermine Bush ties
05/04/06    Foolishness on Fuel
05/03/06    How $3 gas could push US drivers to shift
05/03/06    Resistant Lawmakers Now Back Higher Gas Mileage Standards
05/02/06    Oil in Alaska refuge seen raising $111 bln for US
05/02/06    10 States, in Challenge to US, Plan Suit to Force Better Mileage Rules for SUVs
05/01/06    Sharp Reaction to G.O.P. Plan on Gas Rebate
05/01/06    Senate GOP Backs Off From Oil Tax Increase
05/01/06    Ethanol's Promise
04/30/06    As Gas Prices Go Up, Impact Trickles Down
04/30/06    Greenhouse Gases Continue to Rise
04/28/06    Republicans and Democrats rail against oil companies for the high price of gasoline -- but they don't dare suggest we change our ways
04/28/06    GOP oil deal: Refund for refuge
04/28/06    The Right Way to Fight Gas Prices
04/27/06    Senate Republicans Propose $100 Gas Rebate, Alaska Drilling
04/27/06    Raboff: Gwich'in at the crossroads in ANWR debate
04/27/06    $100 gasoline rebates to help deal with prices?
04/27/06    Senate panel to study taxes of Big Oil
04/27/06    Republicans Offer Consumer-Relief Package
04/27/06    Arctic/Gas Prices: Senators Propose Bribing Americans
04/27/06    Gorbachev Urges G8 to Back Solar Power, Not Oil or Nuclear
04/26/06    How Not to Cure an Addiction
04/26/06    Bush Eases Environmental Rules on Gasoline
04/25/06    On energy, bipartisan accord and gridlock, too
04/25/06    Steps by Bush likely to have little impact, experts say
04/25/06    Bush Speech On Gas Prices Ignores Real Solutions
04/25/06    President's Speech on Gas Prices Runs On Empty for Consumers
04/24/06    GOP Leaders to Seek Gas Price Probe
04/24/06    Fall of the Wild: Alaska's North Slope Oil Debate
04/24/06    Bush suspends environmental rules in attempt to tackle surging petrol prices
04/22/06    Democrats urge greater energy independence
04/20/06    Think small on energy
04/20/06    The 10 Worst Corporations of 2005
04/18/06    Global warming sparks a scramble for black gold under retreating ice
04/18/06    Lest We Forget: Arctic Wildlife Refuge Still Needs Guarding
04/17/06    Scientists say they're being gagged by Bush
04/17/06    Senator Cites Drilling Battle As Source of Interstate Rift
04/14/06    Real energy policy needed
04/12/06    Gas prices going
04/11/06    Americans Disappointed with Environmental Record
04/10/06    Alaska's Sen. Stevens stomps into town, looking for fight
04/07/06    The Liberal Republican
04/04/06    In Surprising Turn of Events, House Republicans Rise to ANWR's Defense
04/04/06    Fueling Our Addiction
04/03/06    Obama Strikes Out at Bush's Energy Policy
03/30/06    Bush Light Truck Fuel Standards Rev Up Collision With States
03/29/06    Nussle Keeps Arctic Safe from Oil Drilling
03/28/06    ANWR drilling may not be in House budget bill
03/27/06    Alaska House earmarks $3.7 million for ANWR lobbying
03/27/06    The People of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve Tell Their Story
03/26/06    The oil in your oatmeal
03/26/06    U.S. Republicans choose greed over human quality-of-survival in Arctic drilling
03/23/06    Some say pipe corrosion biggest threat as Alaska marks Exxon Valdez spill
03/23/06    Governor calls on newspaper chains to advocate for ANWR
03/21/06    Spare ANWR, the oil industry gets enough profit
03/21/06    Oil gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP pipeline
03/21/06    The spoils of oil
03/21/06    For Those About to Barack
03/20/06    A Crude Warning
03/20/06    Refuge vote threatens Florida
03/19/06    Another gimmick, another ANWR vote
03/19/06    Arctic drilling gets new life in Senate
03/18/06    Budget Vote Revives Bid for Arctic Oil Drilling
03/18/06    Senate panel to OK ANWR drilling bill by mid-May
03/17/06    Senate OKs budget with Arctic refuge drilling provision
03/17/06    U.S. Senate Budget Reignites Arctic Drilling Debate
03/17/06    High mileage saves refuge
03/16/06    GOP Again Bids to Take ANWR
03/16/06    Kicking the oil habit
03/16/06    Stop latest ANWR raid
03/15/06    Democrats want budget bill to drop oil drilling
03/14/06    Burst Oil Pipeline Causes
03/10/06    Senate panel narrowly approves fiscal 2007 budget plan
03/10/06    ANWR stage is set
03/10/06    Arctic Refuge Threatened By Tired Old Tricks
03/10/06    Congress Subverts Federral Budget Process to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil Drilling
03/09/06    Alaska Oil Spill Exposes ‘Gentle Drilling’ Problems
03/09/06    Alaska oil spill could be largest on North Slope
03/08/06    Stop Bush's Bulldozers
03/08/06    The Green Bullet
03/07/06    Both Reds and Blues Go Green on Energy
03/07/06    Stevens votes for earmark changes
03/07/06    Senate Panel Drops Spending Cuts
03/07/06    "Environmentally Gentle" Drilling Causes Major Crude Oil Spill -- Potentially Largest in Alaska North Slope History
03/07/06    Obama's fuel-efficiency swap
03/06/06    Senate Democrats oppose ANWR oil drilling in budget
03/04/06    Sen. Stevens steps back
03/03/06    Domenici to seek ANWR measure in budget bill
03/02/06    "Addiction to oil" endangers Alaskan Wildlife Refuge
03/02/06    Smoke, Mirrors and Pain at the Pumps
02/26/06    War and Peace on ANWR
02/26/06    'North to the Future' means clean energy, not Arctic drilling
02/26/06    Ferry to Alaska becomes pawn in political dispute over Arctic drilling
02/23/06    Gwich'in once more into the breach for ANWR
02/22/06    Bush Admits to 'Mixed Signals' Regarding Laboratory on Renewable Energy
02/21/06    League of Conservation Voters Releases 2005 National Environmental Scorecard
02/19/06    Shell appoints two lifelong Alaskans to navigate Beaufort Sea fields
02/17/06    Beach: A budget sneak attack on our sacred places
02/10/06    Alaska threatens to yank ferry over ANWR
02/08/06    Energy gaps seen in Bush's budget
02/07/06    President's Energy Bait-and-Switch on ANWR Disappoints
02/07/06    Budget proposal revives Arctic drilling, energy rates
02/07/06    White House wish list faces Congress test
02/06/06    Bush budget triples money from Alaska oil drilling
02/06/06    Next Steps on Energy
02/05/06    More rhetoric than cure for oil addiction
02/03/06    Bush won't tread on big oil's toes
02/03/06    Oil and 2 Ways of Life In Alaska
02/03/06    A new roadmap for tackling oil addiction
02/02/06    News Analysis: Baby steps not enough on oil use
02/02/06    Bush's bold energy initiative short on funding
02/02/06    What the President Meant to Say
02/02/06    Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Recognizes Senator Cantwell as One of Twelve 'Wildlife Heroes'
02/01/06    Administration backs off Bush's vow to reduce Mideast oil imports
02/01/06    Suddenly, Bush is addicted to green
02/01/06    Oil Giant Stonewalls Consumer, Environmental Safeguards While Reaping Record Profits on Soaring Petroleum Prices
02/01/06    The State of Energy
01/27/06    Exxon back in court over 1989 Valdez spill fine
01/26/06    GOP to renew push to drill for Arctic oil
01/26/06    Record Profits, Record Problems for Environment and Consumers
01/26/06    Europeans vote: Solar
01/26/06    2005 was warmest year on record: NASA
01/22/06    Alaska acreage opened to oil exploration
01/20/06    Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens not going anywhere
01/15/06    Polar Warning - A Warming World: The Difference a Degree Makes
01/13/06    Bush Administration Hands Key Alaska Wildlife Area to Oil Industry
01/12/06    US Lifts Longtime Drilling Ban on Alaskan Wildlife Habitat
01/12/06    Bush administration opens region around Teshekpuk Lake to oil drilling
01/10/06    Alaska senator plans new push to open ANWR
01/09/06    Polar Bears Face New Toxic Threat: Flame Retardants
01/04/06    New year offers new hope for ANWR drilling supporters
01/01/06    Stevens not done fighting to open ANWR to drilling

News Releases
11/08/06    Rep. Richard "Dick" Pombo ...
05/16/06    Seattle's big role in fight on global warming
04/24/06    At $3 a gallon, the Americans are squealing
03/18/06    America the bulldozed
03/18/06    Republicans Link Arctic Oil Drilling To Funding Louisiana Recovery
02/08/06    See the Arctic Refuge at Winter Wanderlust
01/27/06    Living on Earth: Challenging Pombo

08/16/06    New Alaska Oil Leases Being Offered

08/13/06    The Browning Of BP

05/23/06    House eyes another vote on ANWR oil drilling

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