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Archives for 2004
Refuge News and Views
12/13/04    Polar Bears: Tough But Vulnerable
12/12/04    Alaska Weather Stymies Oil Spill Cleanup
12/08/04    ANWR as a term of distraction
11/27/04    Ship spills 30,000 gallons of oil near Philadelphia
11/26/04    The Real Environmental Mandate
11/24/04    Students examine links between birds, oil drilling
11/21/04    Drilling in refuge may get OK in '05
11/19/04    U.S. to invest for methane reduction
11/11/04    Arctic Refuge Defenders Battle-Tested and Ready to Fight
11/10/04    GOP win fuels revival of Bush energy bill
11/04/04    A stronger GOP dusts off long-delayed agenda
11/01/04    Where the caribou don't roam (anymore)
10/26/04    The gamble for Detroit (3 of 3)
10/25/04    Hunger for natural gas fuels rush to tap West's deep pockets (2 of 3)
10/24/04    Campaigns fail to focus on energy (1 of 3)
10/24/04    Strategies for Solving the Energy Problem
10/21/04    Tentative Alaska Land Swap Raises Drilling Fears
10/15/04    Rising fossil fuel prices boost prospects for renewable energy
10/12/04    A facelift at the EPA
10/08/04    Oil Wars
10/07/04    Environment clearly divides Bush and Kerry
10/06/04    Oil Fantasies
10/05/04    U.S. to Suspend Review of Gas Drilling in Montana
10/04/04    For good or ill, Bush clears path for energy development
10/03/04    Battle heats up over drilling on Alaska's North Slope
10/03/04    Union reaffirms support for Murkowski
10/02/04    U.S. blocking Arctic report
10/01/04    With our Earth at stake, Kerry is the best choice
09/30/04    An idea whose time has come
09/22/04    Big Oil's profits come at oceans' expense
08/13/04    Stabilizing the Global 'Greenhouse' May Not Be So Hard
08/07/04    A Push for Freedom From Oil

News Releases
12/10/04    Oil on Ice wins prestigious documentary award
11/16/04    Oil on Ice Documentary Goes Eco
08/17/04    Oil on Ice Documentary and WebDVD Production Complete
05/31/04    Oil on Ice premieres at MountainFilm in Telluride
05/19/04    Oil on Ice previews in Santa Cruz

11/22/04    Northern Exposure

11/19/04    'Fahrenheit,' 'Born' share top IDA kudos

10/31/04    Saving Wild Alaska

07/20/04    The Summer Season Opens With a Big Bang

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"Moving, lucid and aptly told, Oil on Ice
is quite simply the best documentary
to date on the [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge] issue."

-Art Goodtimes The Telluride Watch

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