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Oil on Ice Documentary to Air on Public Television Stations

WOODSIDE, CALIF. – On Sunday, April 3, 2005, the award-winning, 60-minute documentary, Oil on Ice will be offered to all of the Public Television (PTV) stations in the United States. It is being presented to them for their Earth Day schedules. Oil on Ice is produced by Dale Djerassi and Bo Boudart, in association with Lobitos Creek Ranch. The documentary is being distributed nationally to Public Television stations through KNME-TV’s Westlink Satellite Uplink Center.

Oil on Ice (www.zeidenmedia.com/oilonice/) examines the issue of oil development within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It features the views of environmental and energy experts, legislators, as well as the Native Gwich’in Indians and the Inupiat Eskimos. Other aspects covered are: global climate change, indigenous people’s rights, vehicle fuel efficiency standards, wildlife protection and renewable energy sources. Oil on Ice also features magnificent cinematography of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge including the wildlife and incredible scenery.

Public Television station programmers are invited to air Oil on Ice as part of their Earth Day programming, on or around Friday, April 22, 2005. Other thematic tie-ins include United Nations World Environment Day, the week of June 1-5, 2005 (for the first time being held in the United States in San Francisco) and Native Indian Heritage Month in November. The programmers will also have the broadcast rights to air the documentary for an unlimited amount of times in three years. Local airdates for Oil on Ice will be posted at www.zeidenmedia.com/oilonice/ beginning in mid-February.

Oil on Ice was made possible by Dale Djerassi and Bo Boudart, Co-Directors and Producers; Steve Michelson, Executive Producer; Stephen Most, Writer; Rhonda Collins, Editor; William Susman, Composer; Phil Perkins, Sound Designer; Tim O’Conner Fraser, Web and DVD Production Manager; Dan Newitt, On-line Editor and Graphic Designer; and Gary Burden and Jenice Heo for R.Twerk & Co., Title Art Directors and Designers. Music recording with famed Cellist, Joan Jenrenaud, took place at Fantasy Studios with Chief Engineer Stephen Hart.

Oil on Ice (http://www.zeidenmedia.com/oilonice/) is a multi-faceted media project about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and the issues relating to drilling for oil there. Oil on Ice shows how the fate of the refuge is inextricably linked to decisions our nation makes about energy policy, transportation choices and other seemingly unrelated matters. And as the film concludes, the culture and livelihood of the native Gwich’in Indians and the survival of migratory wildlife are caught in the balance.

On May 1, 1958, KNME (www.knmetv.org) signed on the air as a service of The University of New Mexico and Albuquerque Public Schools, broadcasting classroom lectures from a makeshift studio in a converted sorority house. In the 40 years since those first broadcasts, KNME has expanded its service, but its mission is still the same: to provide the citizens of central and northern New Mexico with quality television and educational opportunities.

KNME operates Westlink, a national satellite uplink service for producers and organizations. Westlink producers participate in the Sunday Exchange. Westlink teleconferencing serves non-profit and educational organizations.


Oil on Ice Contact:

Heather Raney
Oil on Ice
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PTV Distribution Director:

Cynthia Zeiden
Zeiden Media
(415) 864-6305
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"Moving, lucid and aptly told, Oil on Ice
is quite simply the best documentary
to date on the [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge] issue."

-Art Goodtimes The Telluride Watch



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