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Grassroots Action Toolkit - General Tools


Oil on Ice is the result of ordinary people realizing that action is necessary to protect our vital interests. In a democracy, it is our responsiblity to speak up if the system is not representing our concerns. Here are some fundamental tips and guides for any grassroots effort.

Look up your federal representatives

Write a Letter
Sample letter to your representative Energy Wildlife Wild Lands Community

Energy Wildlife Wild Lands Community

Letter, Fax, Phone, or Email?

Raise Hell at Public Meetings

Meeting with elected officials

Write a Powerful Letter

Host a House Party

Oil on Ice Poster
(Options: 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 8.5 )
One great way to get involved is to spread the word about Oil on Ice. What better way to do that than have a party?! Here is a poster you can use. Simply click on your choice above, save it to your computer, type in your details using Microsoft Word and print it out to invite others to watch Oil on Ice. Check OilonIce.org for new and update poster designs.

A Grassroots Fundraising Guide for Social Justice Organizations

"Moving, lucid and aptly told, Oil on Ice
is quite simply the best documentary
to date on the [Arctic National Wildlife Refuge] issue."

-Art Goodtimes The Telluride Watch



Rent or Buy on Vimeo.com

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Will Palin Change the Game on ANWR?
Reasons to Oppose Drilling in ANWR Found in Alaska’s North Slope
ANWR Front and Center
7 congressional candidates visit Arctic Refuge
Candidates Clash On Impact Of Offshore Drilling
Boehner falsely claims there’s no ‘wildlife’ in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


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